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Fishing for the Cycle

Cycle: a complete set or series. In baseball it's a single, double, triple and a home run. In hoops there's the triple double-double digits for points, assists and rebounds. In fishing its catching one of each of the availble species usually in the sameday, it is absolutley accecptable to extend the challenge over a couple days. Another arrow in the quiver of reasons to get out and fish.

Cycles can be chosen on the spot, or set as a goal for a trip, a week, a summer, an entire season is fine too! Mini cycles can be achieved in a morning. Robust cycles need a couple of days. What ever cycle you choose, absorb the moments of discovery and the adventure of catching a fish or two you didn't know you liked!

As it stands, the scorecard is smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, american shad, brown trout and brook trout. I'm looking to get northern pike, crappie, white perch and a variety of sunfish on the board before the end of the year.

Get out there, find some new places and have fun!!!

PHOTOS: Top-American Shad, Middle- Smallmouth Bass, Bottom- Striped Bass

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