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MaineOutdoorGuides - Your Maine Fishing Guide

        I'm Captain Andy Skrivanich, professional angler, guide and fishing instructor.  Fish with me and you'll have memories that last a lifetime. Every trip combines the excitement from my youth and the steadiness of my experience to deliver a superior fishing experience.

       Mid-Coast Maine is an exceptional and undiscovered fishing destination with countless salt and freshwater options  - striped bass, small and largemouth bass, trout, shad, pike to name a few, all within 20 minutes of beautiful Camden, Maine.  

      No experience necessary, I'll teach you!

      Experts welcome!

      Beginner/Novice anglers: Learn the basics: cast, fly-cast, knots, flies, tackle, where & how to fish.

      Experienced Anglers: Fly or conventional fishing,  we have the boat, the flies, the tackle, the food. I'm your fishing caddy;  you fish.

My mission is to educate, inspire, steward, and have fun! BOOK YOUR TRIP.

        CALL/TEXT 207-706-6950



          Regardless of your experience level, when you book a trip with MaineOutdoorGuides you're on board with guides that love to guide. Client service is our priority and you are our focus. We don't fish. We teach, we cater, we advise, we caddy. Whether you're a new or seasoned angler you will receive a personalized experience tailored to your needs.

         We are outfitted to make your time on the water comfortable and productive. We provide high quality, easy to use fishing rigs and tackle. 

          The boat cooler is always stocked with water, drinks of your choice and snacks, and a full lunch is provided for full day trips. 


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