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A Fish for Each Season

The ice is gone and it's time to get on the water. I've been itchin' for fishin' for months. Here, in Mid-Coast Maine, options abound trout, bass, pike, lake trout and more; lake, pond or river, We have choices. It's sweet. We've got it good.

The folks traveling away to fish are missing out. That's fine with me, they can wait at the luggage carousel for their gear... that's probably missing. I'll be here, around home, fishing; easy travel, simple logistics. In a few months I'll be fishing for stripers in the saltwater in the morning and hitting up the topwater bite on a lake or river in the afternoon or evening. Yep, we've got it good.

Maine fishing is typically advertised for the brook trout and striped bass in the summer and fall. And that's it. Mid-Coast Maine fishing, Maine fishing is much much more. It's winter (before the ice), spring, summer and fall. Four seasons of fishing, 10 plus species to chase, unspoiled uncrowded waters, easy access. Beautiful scenery. I fish year round, you should too.

Whether you're visiting, vacationing or residing, if you're not fishing here, you're missing out. If you're new to fishing or looking to start this is the place to do it, because Maine:

-Fishing is uncrowded, lightly pressured.

-Is four season fishing destination.

-Has fine Striped bass fishing.

-Is home to three of Bassmaster Magazine's top 100 bass fisheries in the nation.

-Has a sweet northern pike fishery.

-Has amazing smallmouth bass fishing rivers.

-Has had a surging American shad run.

 Here's a chart to guide your trip planning.

*SLOW= Cold or Ice Fishing, Fish Going Deep and are hard to catch.

**SLOW= The Average size of fish is better than average, but the catch rate is low

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