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    Do you have a youth who is obsessed with fishing, or asks to go, but you don’t know where or how to get started? Problem solved! This Summer I’m proud to offer:

    Andy’s MaineOutdoorGuides In-Depth Summer Fishing Seminar. 

       MaineOutdoorGuides’ In-Depth summer fishing seminar is a three day, comprehensive, on the water fishing instruction and development experience. Three anglers per session will spend two-half days and one-full day on the water developing their focus and concentration skills as they connect the aquatic environment. The In-Depth fishing experience  will expand the knowledge base of current anglers, and new anglers will get a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon. 


      Anglers can choose their style: fly fishing, spin fishing or both! 


      From the seminar anglers will take home a solid foundation in fishing tactics and skills such as knots, lure/fly presentation, fish behavior. In addition to fishing fundamentals the anglers will be introduced to fishing electronics, maritime navigation and boating rules, and basic aquatic biology all the while being on the water. 

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